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DMA Choice

What is DMA Choice?

DMAchoice™ is an online tool developed by the Direct Marketing Association to help you manage your mail. This site is part of a larger program designed to respond to consumers' concerns over the amount of mail they receive, and it is the evolution of the DMA's Mail Preference Service created in 1971.

DMA Choice divides direct mail into four categories: Credit Offers, Catalogs, Magazine Offers and Other Mail Offers. You can request to start or stop receiving mail from individual companies within each category - or from an entire category at once.

Why do we want to help you manage your mail?

We hear that questions a lot. Each year, direct marketing generates more than $2 trillion in sales and charitable donations in the United States alone. But we know that for direct marketing to remain successful, marketers must maintain a healthy relationship with consumers. That healthy relationship starts by giving you the opportunity to tell us what your mail preferences are - and then respecting those choices.

Where did we get your name?

If you just bought a new home, you're probably in the market for furniture. But if you live in an apartment building, chances are you won't be shopping for a lawn mower. Companies want to reach people who are most likely to be interested in what they have to offer. That's why they rent or buy relevant mailing files to help them find prospective customers—instead of just sending mail at random.

These prospect files are created from information about your past purchases and interests. And this information can come from public records, phone directories, club memberships, surveys, sweepstakes and more.

What's the benefit of being on these files?

Direct mail keeps you in-the-know. It helps you find out about new products, services and money-saving deals. It connects you to local merchants. It informs you of important local and national charities. It even helps you compare prices and shop anytime you like - day or night.

But direct mail is only successful if you're interested in the types of mail you're receiving. That's why the DMA created DMAchoice - to help you get more of the mail you want, and less of what you don't.

What can the mail preference service do for me?

There are plenty of reasons to keep receiving direct mail. But maybe you just want to cut back on certain types that you're not interested in. We can help you do just that. We've divided direct mail into four categories:

For each of these categories, you can choose whether or not you want to receive mail from companies one at a time. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to stop receiving mail for all companies you haven't purchased from or donated to within an entire category. Any choices you make will be effective for three years from the date you make them.

Want More Information?

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