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Dunhill Customer Life Stage Segmentation

Dunhill's consumer life stage segmentation service is a household-level consumer segmentation and visualization system that can give you a clearer picture of who your customers are.  Household-level segmentation offers you a close-up family portrait of your best prospects, not a broad view of an entire section of town. It allows you to better know – and anticipate – your customers' demographics and buying behaviors, conduct market analysis, plan customer acquisition strategies, and create cross sell/ up-sell and retention campaigns that are truly targeted, personalized and powerful. This goes way beyond the standard age and income appending.

There are 70 separate “clusters” of unique data. Each data cluster represents characteristics of data at the household level such as age, marital status, home ownership, presence of children, income, residential location (city, suburbs, rural) and net worth. These clusters of households share similar consumer socio-economic characteristics and have been identified as sharing the same “life stages” as other households within the same data cluster.

Dunhill's consumer life stage segmentation is the next level in consumer data identification and targeting capabilities for smart direct marketers.

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