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How to Maintain a Correct Privacy Policy

Consumer Privacy has become a red-hot topic both in government as well as around boardrooms and office conference rooms worldwide. So, what does your company need to do now to operate responsibly, ethically and with respect for consumer rights?

  • Establish or Review your Company’s Privacy Policy – Make sure you establish and publish a privacy policy that is in compliance with current laws and your own company regulations. Designate a member of your team to review it and update it regularly.
  • Communicate your Policy – Once per year-or as your policy changes-communicate with your customers to let them know the policy you operate under.
  • Listen to your Customer’s Opt-Outs – Make it easy for your customers to opt out of communication with your company. Then be certain to establish your suppression procedure so that their requests are honored. If you are working with outside vendors, be certain that you work with them to utilize your suppression file.
  • Make your Information Secure – From your in-house computer system to remote locations and home-bound laptops be certain that you are keeping tabs on the flow of information. Designate a member of your team to keep track of breaches in your security standards so that your customer information and privacy is never jeopardized.
  • Keep Email Authentic – Use an authentication protocol. This protects consumers against phishing and fraud and it also assists in aiding delivery rates.
  • Keep Databases Hygienic – Keep data up to date with NCOA, DMA’s Mail Preference Service, Deceased Do No Contact files, your own consumer updates and other data hygiene resources.
  • Trickle Up and Trickle Down – Make sure that employees at all levels know and understand your policies and adhere to them.
  • Trickle Sideways – If you share databases or work with partners, make sure to share your policies and procedures so that there is consistency in all of your interactions and communication with customers.
  • Educate your Consumers – Make sure that your consumers know that they have responsibilities too. If they do not wish to be contacted, or they wish to opt-out it is their responsibility to communicate their wishes to you.
  • Stay on Top of the Latest News – Designate a member of your team to stay on top of new guidelines.

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