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As a data owner, you have the opportunity to receive income each month paid to you by the direct marketers (non-competitive) who realize that your file of buyers or inquiries will benefit their own marketing program.

It’s fairly common for data owners to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in data rental income in only a one-year period. That’s right. And you will not dilute your file. Your customers will continue to buy your products or services . . . for many years.

As professional direct marketers with over 80 years of data marketing experience, we have successfully launched many files through an aggressive sales/marketing campaign.

The cornerstone of our success is our innovative sales/marketing system which has proven to dramatically increase your data rental revenue. Basic components of our marketing campaign include research, preparation and distribution of data marketing datacards, proactive promotions, scheduling and clearances and most importantly, aggressively selling the rental program.

As your data manager, we will serve as exclusive representatives to the data renting arena. The primary target group is major data brokers and mailers who find your buyers profile of interest to their data renting clients. They would then test the data to realize better than break-even results. Continuation orders will follow successful tests. Many direct marketers utilize both compiled and response files of buyers, subscribers, donors, plus business files of companies, executives and professionals.

It’s important to note that although we orchestrate the total effort, you, the data owner, always maintains ownership and control of the data. You will always make the decisions regarding who does or does not rent your data.

Overall, the singular benefit that truly separates Dunhill International List Co. from the competition is the individual professionalism and genuine passion with which we tackle data management assignments. The depth and experience level of our staff, along with meticulous planning and execution, directly benefit our clients’ “bottom line.”

Individual elements of our integrated sales and marketing program include:

Marketing and Advertising

Whether it’s our clear and precise presentation, strategically placed press releases, our dynamic direct mail campaigns or dedicated telemarketing sales activity, you can be assured that your rental program is enjoying maximum exposure.

Sales strategies and coordination

Our sophisticated prospecting, sales and tracking system will cultivate to the fullest virtually every major data broker and mailer nationwide. We encourage and expect our account executives to cross all lines when key “cross-sell” opportunities arise, and this stimulates measurable, bottom-line results.

On final analysis, Dunhill International List Co. is uniquely suited to manage your mailing data. We have and are currently setting new standards throughout the industry in both business-to-business and consumer markets.

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced appending solution specialists. We’ll provide you with a free estimate of how much revenue your data might generate for you.

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