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Demographic Appending

Appending demographic information to your customer file will enable you to better understand your clientele. With an enhanced customer database, you will increase the performance of your marketing efforts. Matching your customer file against our database will allow you to market more effectively.

With demographic appending, we’ll add age, gender, ethnicity, education, marital status, household income and more.

This appending process is completed quickly and at a very low cost. It enables clients to narrow their market audience thereby reducing their delivery costs (printing, postage, etc).

Please call us now to discuss our appending program … its cost and delivery schedule.

Additional Appending Solutions

  • Landline and Cell Phone Append
  • Email Append
  • Lifestyle Append
  • Email Verification
  • Contact Validation

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced appending solution specialists. Get the most from your customer files by using Dunhill Appending Solutions.

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