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Email Appending

Do you have missing or outdated email addresses on your customer file? With Dunhill’s email appending service, you will get the most up-to-date information appended to your customer file.

How the Email Appending Process Works…

Ultra-sophisticated software now allows us to append email addresses to your customer and inquiry list.

With email appending, we match an individual’s unique name and postal address with an email address. Using propriety Email Appending technology, the database is consistently refreshed daily with the most current email addresses possible. This means that returned records have been passed through the most reliable sources possible for the optimal accurate provision of email addresses. Once appended, a permission request program is created with criteria that meets specific requirements and industry standards to opt-in each individual.

Currently the email match ratio averages up to 40% of your postal database with the most current and deliverable permission granted email.

Upon receipt of the files. Proprietary software seeks to correlate an email address to a given individual name and address and if applicable, by company name. Many records will not be located simply because they do not have email addresses or because of name variations in spelling and hyphenations.

Additional Appending Solutions

  • Landline and Cell Phone Append
  • Lifestyle Append
  • Demographic Append
  • Email Verification
  • Contact Validation

Contact us now or call 1-800-DUNHILL (386-4455) today to speak with one of our experienced appending solution specialists. Get the most from your customer files by using Dunhill Appending Solutions.

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