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Landline and Cell Phone Appending


Smart marketers know that reaching their customers via a variety of different channels is critical to getting their products and services maximum exposure. Dunhill now offers landline and cell phone appending services to allow marketers to add critical contact information to their customer and prospect databases.


Are you missing home or business phone numbers on your customer file? Do you have outdated phone numbers on your file? Dunhill’s landline appending service is your answer. We will add and update landline phone numbers to your customer file where they are missing.

Cell Phones

Reach your clients and prospects on a device that is always with them, their cell phones! Dunhill has access to 120 million consumer cell phone numbers across the United States. The file is constantly updated every 30 days with new numbers and the file is further scrubbed to remove bad numbers as well. What’s more, Dunhill clients only pay for numbers that match their existing customer file. Cell phone match rates currently average between 15 to 30 percent depending on the customer file being appended. Dunhill will even perform an NCOA on the customer’s existing database first to ensure that the most current address information is used for the appending job.

Additional Appending Solutions

  • Email Append
  • Demographic Append
  • Lifestyle Append
  • Email Verification
  • Contact Validation

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced appending solution specialists. Get the most from your customer files by using Dunhill Appending Solutions.

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