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About Lists

Mailing data is a compilation of name, address and telephone records of individuals who share a common characteristic, prepared for use in direct mail solicitation. When choosing data to compile a list, the commonality may be derived from a purchase transaction or donation; a demographic, geographic, or psychographic trait; an industry group or an affiliation or lifestyle interests.

Email and telephone lists are also a compilation of the same data as mailing lists; however, they include email and telephone information that allows you to reach your prospects via these other mediums.

There are many different kinds of files including consumer or business and compiled or direct response.

Compiled files are created from secondary sources such as trade show attendees or motor vehicle registrations. Direct-response files are built from the names of responders to one or more direct-response solicitations, surveys, etc.

Successful direct-mail marketing depends upon careful selection and testing of data. Dunhill supplies local, national and worldwide direct marketing data.

You can search for datacards of our most popular files.

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