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Government Officials

Government postal, email and phone lists from Dunhill International List Co. will provide you with the data you need to target federal, state, and local government officials. We have what you need to reach executives/officials in local departments such as city or county police or fire stations, mayor’s office or state departments and congressional offices to federal departments such as housing authorities, public health offices and environmental authorities.

We will customize a list that will provide you with your specific targeted prospects.

Our most responsive lists include:

  • Civil Servants and Government Employees
  • Congressional Staff of Senators & Representatives
  • County Officials
  • Federal Government Executives
  • Fire Departments
  • Government Agency Officials
  • Government Decision Makers
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Public Safety and Law Enforcement Officials
  • Public Works Officials
  • State Elective Officials at Local State Address
  • State Elective Officials at State Capitol Address
  • U.S. Congressmen at Local Address
  • U.S. Congressmen at Washington DC Address

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced data professionals. We’ll help you secure your custom compiled government officials list that will match your unique requirements.

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