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Targeted Data

Custom Complied Data

Every list we sell is custom compiled to match the exact criteria requested by the customer. We will work with you to determine exactly what your target market is and then take that information to extract the perfect matches from our databases to create your ideal custom compiled list.

We’ll use your own expert knowledge of your clientele and our 80 plus years of experience to build targeted prospect files for your direct marketing promotional campaigns. We will help you navigate through your customer’s details to find the criteria you should be looking to capture. Key consumer selections include:

• Income
• Age
• Home Value
• Length of Residence
• Verified Homeowners
• Lifestyle and Interests
• Select by state, city, zip code, carrier route or other targeting methods.
• And More!

For reaching executives and businesses, Dunhill will work with you to pinpoint the industries and selections to reach your exact target market. Key business selections include:

• SIC Code or Industry
• Exact Job function
• Employee Size
• Sales Volume
• And More!

Here are several custom programs that may help you reach your goals:

Dunhill’s Doorstep Delivery

Let your message knock on the doors of every home or business in a specific neighborhood, city or state!

If you want to target a specific area, Dunhill has numerous ways of putting your message in front of an entire community with one quick marketing campaign! Whether you want to do your own creative and printing or let us help with every detail-all it takes is one quick call at 1-800-DUNHILL (386-4455) or email to Dunhill and you are on your way to really making things happen!

One Time Mailing or Long-Term Campaigns

Is your marketing a one-time special or do you want to reach new prospects monthly or on a regular schedule?
Reliable, timely marketing is the key to keeping your business revenue consistent. Whether you want to do special mailings for certain sales or events or, you want to have ongoing communication with your neighbors, Dunhill has the way to make the most of every marketing effort!

Build a Proximity File Now!

Just tell us the zip code or other geographic info and let us know how big a prospect area you want – 5 miles or 50 miles – and we’ll build your prospect universe– it’s that easy!

Reach New Movers & New Businesses Now!

When people move to a new neighborhood, they need information on local services. This is as true for residents as it is businesses. Our New Mover/New Business program will give you the new residents and businesses in your area monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly or whatever schedule you want so you can welcome them to their new location and offer them your services and products.

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced data professionals. We’ll help you secure your custom program for your unique requirements.

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