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Since 1938, Dunhill International List Co., Inc. has been a leading provider of sample for both consumer and business survey projects. We compile and maintain U.S. & Global databases to support you in finding respondents that satisfy your client’s specific requirements. Our ability to target “Hard-To-Find” sample enables us to deliver the precise data you need to conduct, compile, and complete any client request. Dunhill will help you to define the size, characteristics, location of research sample and pinpoint methods for reaching the desired respondents whose voices and opinions are crucial for capturing data that client projects depend on.

Please contact us for all your general sample and your highly targeted “Hard-to-Find” sample needs.

Check out our Consumer and Business lists for details:


295 Million Individual Email, Cell & Landline Phones and Postal Addresses

This comprehensive, compiled consumer database has extensive information on consumer’s demographics and lifestyles. There are over 500 lifestyle selections to choose from allowing for laser-targeting of the exact consumers you need for your sample. There is a wealth of detailed information on purchase behaviors and intentions, age income, ethnicity, families with children, hobbies, registered voters, homeowners, occupations, interests and demographics. Reach them by both their cell and landline phone, email and postal mail.

We have the capability to compile even the “Hard-to-Find” data. If it exists, we most like have it or we will find it for you.

View Consumer Datacard


15 Million Records with Executives by Email
This extremely accurate business database of executives, professionals and business owners is compiled from a variety of sources and selectable by 6 digit SIC code. There are over 150 job titles from which to choose. Also select them by employee size, industry, social media handle and more. Reach them by email, phone and postal mail.

View Business Executives Datacard

We also have an extensive database of Executives Worldwide. Please ask for more information:

Click here for a look at our specialty files

Call Candy Dunhill at 1-800-DUNHILL (386-4455), ext. 6424, email her at She’ll help you secure your custom compiled sample that will match your unique requirements.


“I have been working with Dunhill directly for any requested sample we might need for specific markets we may have in the field and the experience with Dunhill has been overall great. They are very good at helping me with anything I ever needed. If I needed a quick turnaround with the sample they were always great at providing me with that information.”
…Manuela Gomez
Harker Bos Group

“I just want to send you a note and let you know that this project was a huge success! … Thanks for all the hard work on this! This was a project that I thought would be impossible, but we were very pleased with the results.”
…Steve Moran
Hart Research

“Candy is always prompt and offers detailed direction on availability of products. Also, the team is incredibly helpful with one-off requests that help us better serve our client’s needs (such as de-duping possible sample files against current files, expediting delivery, and even waiving some processing fees to help us remain within client budgets). ”

…Kenya Villines
Issues & Answers, Inc

“Candy is always wonderful to work with. She lays out the data in a really easy to understand way and is clear about what she can deliver. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work with her. Everything is just so easy and fast. ”

…Amanda Rawlings
Illumination Research

“My company has had great success with obtaining lists from Dunhill. Candy is really good to work with, always answers email quickly.”

…Carol Fox
Vernon Research Group

“Your service has proven absolutely fantastic for us in Italy! … we would like to conduct a further test in Spain.”

…John Mazzola
Sr. Business Process Improvement Mgr
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