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Targeted Data

Compiled Lists

Compiled Mailing files are derived from a wide variety of sources including:

  • Telephone directories (both the white and yellow pages)
  • Trade publications including directories for various industries and membership rosters of trade and consumer groups
  • Private memberships rosters of clubs, unions, associations
  • Government records – including professional registrations for each state for all licensed trades such as doctors, lawyers, contractors, engineers, etc.
  • Data purchased at auctions
  • Data obtained through barter agreements
  • Auto and truck registrations and driver’s license data in states where these files are released
  • House to house canvassing, mail surveys, warranty card data
  • Voters by party, ethnicity, age, gender

Dunhill maintains programs that allow marketers to combine different files from different categories, i.e. vacationers from survey questions and gamblers from bartered data…hospitals from trade directories and doctors working in hospitals from association files…home owners who have children and own station wagons. The matching is endless and of great benefit to marketers because it enables us to provide much smaller targeted categories. This reduces the postage or number of telephone calls. Furthermore, it increases the response since the files pinpoint the very best prospects from a vast audience.

Test our resources and program capabilities and find out if you can combine a file of residents with age, income and lifestyle selections. Perhaps businesses by size, by SIC (Standard Industrial Classification), with a contact name in a local area or even a file of senior citizens who own vacation homes.

These simple examples of compiled data illustrate how a direct mail or telemarketing effort can benefit your marketing program. Remember also, that most compiled lists contain telephone numbers and most response lists do not. Another advantage of using compiled data is that the files may be supplied for multiple or unlimited use via email or mailing labels. Response files are generally restricted to one-time usage.

Still another distinctive advantage is that compiled files are totally comprehensive. Response files are not. So, when it’s important to contact your best prospects be sure to select from the largest files available. Dunhill’s compiled files cover every business (16 million) and every household (110 million) in America.

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced data professionals. We’ll help you secure your custom compiled list of consumers or business executives for your unique requirements.

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