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Targeted Data

How We Compile Business Data

The Business Database is created and maintained through data received from many sources including Yellow Page directories, tele-research, web crawling/research, content feedback, EDA/telco feeds, as well as hundreds of other sources providing new business registrations and triggers.

Millions of US records are compiled and updated annually. The Dunhill business database consists of over 16 million current verified businesses.

The following is a sample of the items that trigger our data team’s daily updating and verifying of the data we maintain:

• New Business Activity
• Permits, Licenses
• Domain Registrations
• Phone Connections
• News Alerts
• Website Activity / URL Traffic
• Phone Activity
• Directories
• Data Science / Analytics
• Online Presence / Social Media
• License Renewals
• Partner Feedback
• Managed Listings
• New Ownership
• Public Filing / Bankruptcy
• Change of Address
• Disconnections / Wrong Numbers
• Closed Domains
• Telephone Verification

Over 24 million calls are made each year to verify the business database. During telephone verification, the agents will verify the company name, addresses (physical and mailing), phone number, contact name, title and gender of the Owner or President at that location and the number of employees for smaller businesses, and more.

Proprietary data compilation software allows Dunhill’s data entry associates to access the database and update, change or verify millions of business listings every month. A separate quality assurance group checks input quality to ensure the information is 99% accurate from the original source.

Our attention to the details is one of the reasons Dunhill has the most accurate data available.

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced data professionals. We’ll help you secure your custom compiled Business list for your unique requirements.

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