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Marketing Services

Marketing Services

List Services

Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene will improve your customer and prospect files by removing old, outdated information and replacing it with current data. All records will be upgraded to meet with the U.S. Postal Service address standards.

Data Appending

The Dunhill Data Appending Services will add missing information to your file including emails, cell and landline telephones, demographics and lifestyle information.  Enhance your ability to contact your customers and better understand their habits and needs with customized data appending.

Customer Modeling

Customer modeling helps you to better understand your best customers and gives you great insight as to the data selections that will help you pinpoint prospects that are similar to these perfect customers.

Data Management

Looking for opportunities to receive income every month? With Dunhill’s Data Management service, we will manage your database of buyers for rental to other (non-competitive) industries.

Digital Services

Email Broadcasting

Dunhill’s Email Broadcasting service makes sending emails to prospects a breeze. We’ll handle your broadcasting to ensure that your email is received.

Social Media Marketing

Build your brand, increase sales, and inquires, drive traffic to your website through Social Media Advertising. With Dunhill’s expertise, advertising on Social Media is uncomplicated.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a great enhancer to your direct mail and email campaigns. Let Dunhill help you with this great way to reach your prospective clients any time they browse the internet.

Direct Mail Services

Print and Mail Solutions

Dunhill’s Print and Mail Solutions allow you to manage your entire direct mail campaign with one company making the whole process easier.

Creative Design

Dunhill offers creative design services for both print and email. If you need help creating your postcard or other postal marketing items or your email message, let Dunhill help you.


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