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Frustrated with guessing what attributes to look for in your ideal prospects?

Remove the guesswork from choosing the selections that are best for targeting prospective leads. Use a more scientific approach with Dunhill’s customer modeling technology.

Dunhill’s customer modeling service will provide optimal return on investment by finding the qualities that make up your best customer. We offer two levels of analysis.

  1. Summary report: for those who know their clients but are looking for a broader target audience. This simple breakdown report provides you with the general geographic and demographic statistics of your current clients. We then match this information to our files and provide you with the number of prospect records available that match your customers’ profile.
  2. Full report: for those who need a more detailed insight into their customers, this report contains the geographic and demographic information of your clients. This analysis includes developing a profile from your customer records, calculating their market penetration index and highlighting the segments that are most likely to respond to your marketing campaigns. Along with the analysis, the report will show the total number of records available that can be purchased for your direct marketing campaigns.

With the knowledge you gain from either analysis you will be able to generate targeted marketing messages to send out to your purchased prospect lists of people that have the same characteristics as your current clients.

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced appending solution specialists. Get the most from your customer files by using Customer Modeling Service.

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