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Specialty direct marketing lists provide you with the ability to precisely pinpoint the executives or consumers your product or service is intended to assist or enjoy. Dunhill’s Specialty lists will outperform any general business or consumer list because a Specialty list allows you to target only the individuals who have a need or desire for your product or service within specific industries or demographics.

Dunhill stands alone when it comes to providing precise, targeted lists with our ListMagic© process. This proprietary process provides you with a unique, custom tailored list to match your exact requirements. Because of the pinpoint accuracy achieved with the ListMagic© process on our Specialty lists, the response rate is much higher than a general list.

With extremely accurate and detailed executive job titles (over 150 are available) in our Specialty business files and over 500 lifestyle selections in the consumer files, Dunhill will provide customized laser-focused lists of Email, Postal/Direct Mail and Cell & Landline Phone.

Here are just some of our Specialty lists that will help you reach your specific target market. Click on any list for a more detailed description of the data available.

If you do not see what you are looking for give us a call 1-800 DUNHILL (386-4455) or email

In addition, you may wish to search more of our specialty lists by searching through our datacards.
Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced data professionals. We’ll help you secure your custom compiled Specialty list for your unique requirements.

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