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Targeted Data

Response Lists

This category of data includes many thousands of different files. Each file comprises names and addresses of individuals or businesses who have taken some form of action to contact the marketing company.

Many lists include the records of people who request information. Most of the data comes from mail order buyers of products and services. These responses come from all forms of media such as magazines and newspaper ads, direct mail solicitation such as catalogs, circulars or letters, plus radio, TV, the Internet and telephone. Popular types of marketers in terms of volume are the magazine publishers or their reps, fund raisers, insurance companies, stock brokers, banks, home improvement companies plus the tens of thousands of retail stores, health providers, professional services and self-improvement firms and the mail order catalog companies.

These files may contain a few thousand to millions of names. The one characteristic common to all is that the person has acted to actually contact the advertiser. It may be a request for further information or an outright purchase. These files are available for one-time rental to non-competing firms. Generally, a data owner requests a sample mailing peice or telemarketing script to determine if it is a competitive offer. These files are provided on a one-time use basis and remain the property of the data owner.

Multiple files may be merged and then compared with your own file of customers or with a compiled file. Merging and purging the duplicate records may significantly reduce the final mailable quantity and result in significant printing and postage savings.

Broad groups of response files (Buyers or Inquirers) include:

• Magazine or Newsletter subscription data, trials or expirations
• Merchandise offerings such as clothing, food, housewares, electronics, novelties, etc.
• Financial Services i.e. insurance, banking services, credit cards, etc.
• Fund Raising data for various charities, political campaigns, environmental groups, etc.
• Business buyers of office equipment and supplies.
• 800 or 900 mailer responders to a multitude of offers

We offer the highest level of customer service available in the data industry. Our aggressive brokerage department provides data renters with proactive media recommendations in vital markets such as catalogs, circulation development (controlled and paid), computer/high technology, business to business, residential and fundraising. We work closely with you, the data renter, cultivating your program to ensure that you achieve your pre-determined goals and objectives through data response.

Part of that service includes our ability to analyze your market and provide you with free data recommendations that will yield you the best possible return on your direct mail dollars. We will help you analyze your response to determine the most profitable data . . . advise you of any new hotline names (recent buyers) data owners might offer . . . work with you to schedule proper size tests . . . suggest better times to mail and even review your copy or script to help you get the most response. At Dunhill International List Company, we work harder for results because we see ourselves as your partner in your marketing campaign.

Request a quote or give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced data professionals. We’ll help you secure your custom compiled list of response data for your unique requirements.

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