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To our best knowledge and belief, this mailing list, email list or telemarketing file has been prepared in accordance with the written or verbal instructions of our clients.

However, list users are encouraged to examine the file carefully.  State counts are generally available on request.  If this list is sent to a mailing shop, please review the file prior to mailing.  If an email file is sent to a computer service bureau, please examine the file prior to use.

If there are any discrepancies, please notify our Customer Service Department promptly.  Call Chrissi Milano at 1-800-DUNHILL (368-4455), ext. 6434.

Every attempt will be made to rectify any errors quickly and correctly, within the limits of the following conditions:

Lists will be sent to you via email. CD ROM, DVD, labels and FTP are also available.

Returns / Cancelations

No returns or exchanges will be accepted unless authorized by our Customer Service Department.  Each adjustment is limited to a 10 day notification time limit.  Cancelled orders will be subject to running charges – 50% invoice.

Any verbal notice concerning adjustments must be confirmed in writing and mailed to our CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

Dunhill International List Co., Inc. does not guarantee the outcome of any mailing utilizing the names rented on this order.


Unless DILCO specifies otherwise in writing all names are furnished for one time use only by the mailer for whom the list was rented, and are not to be duplicated, reproduced, retained, disclosed, transferred, resold or reused.

Retention, by means of a match-code, or any other such record of a name and address or other data supplied with this order for any purpose whatsoever beyond two weeks after the agreed mail date is not authorized.

No reference to the list or its source can be made as part of the mailing.


DILCO has used its best effort to provide an accurate file.  Postal lists are guaranteed 92% deliverable, email lists are guaranteed 80%-85% deliverable. Our liability shall be restricted solely to the cost of the list, since this is the only part of the direct marketing effort in our control.

In no event shall Dunhill International List Co. be liable for postage charges and/or printing and mailing costs.  Nor shall DILCO be liable for telephone charges for any inaccuracies in a telemarketing campaign. Email list guaranties are limited to deliverability. Neither shall DILCO be held responsible for punitive or compensatory damages resulting from loss of potential revenue.

Postage Refund

Dunhill’s liability for postage refunds is limited to returned mailing pieces (nixies) received in our offices within 30 days of invoice date.  Outgoing postage will be refunded at the minimum bulk rate in effect at the time of mailing for all undeliverable mail in EXCESS OF OUR GUARANTEE.  Postage refunds do not apply to additional copies of the list supplied at the same time.

Refunds or adjustments based on the quantity of undeliverable mail returned by the USPS are limited to:  expired forwarding order, moved-left no forwarding address, deceased, addressee unknown, unclaimed, box closed.


Full payment required in advance from unrated firms.  Terms are net cash 30 days.  Bank references required for open account.  Credit application available on request.  Delinquent accounts shall be liable for collection costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

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