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Make a Compelling Guarantee

Posted on: October 16th, 2018 by Cindy

An important aspect for any direct mail piece is to develop a persuasive guarantee. Even if you have a strong offer, new buyers may be reluctant to make a purchase without some type of guarantee.

A compelling guarantee will assure prospects that they have nothing to lose and it will help gain the trust and confidence required to make the purchase.

Good guarantees should be unconditional. At the very minimum, allow customers to return the product or get a refund on a service if it doesn’t work for them or meet their expectations. If you have a quality product, the small number of returns you get will be offset by the larger number of orders and repeat business you receive because of the guarantee.

Here are some additional ideas for creating compelling guarantees.

  1. Offer free bonuses along with the product or service. If the customer decides to return the main product, they get to keep all the bonuses. Make sure you assign and advertise a dollar value for your bonuses.
  2. Delay the billing or payment for 30 days. This essentially allows the customer to use the product or service free before they are required to make the full purchase.
  3. Survey prospects that decided not to make a purchase. Find out why they were reluctant to purchase and use this information to craft a guarantee that eliminates this issue.
  4. Make the guarantee unconditional and simple to perform. Do not make it difficult to return an item. It just upsets the customer and ensures they will never do business with you again.

Dunhill international will help you to choose the right prospects for your product or service so that with your guarantee your campaign should enhance your profits. Call 1-800-DUNHILL (386-4455) for a free consultation. 

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