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Copy to Avoid in Marketing Communications

Posted on: June 11th, 2019 by R1938dunhill

By Robert Dunhill, President

When writing copy for marketing programs there are many words and phrases used so often that they have become meaningless. Customers, prospects and your sales force have heard them so many times that they have become hollow and worthless in getting the point across.

The four major communication areas to avoid these words are:

  1. Writing a direct marketing sales letter
  2. Giving a pep talk to salespeople
  3. Sending out promotional emails to customers or prospects.
  4. Avoid using in headlines, subject lines and postscript sentences.

Check here for a list of 57 words and phrases to avoid whenever possible in your B2B and B2C communications.

All hands-on deck
All you’ve got
At the end of the day
Back to the drawing board
Bang for your buck
Best of breed
Close the deal
Cutting edge
Dive deeper
Do It to it
Don’t do as I do, do as I say
End of play
Get the ball rolling
Get with It
Going forward
Good to go
Heavy handed
Here’s a heads up
It can’t lose
It pays to beware
It’s almost right
It’s on my radar
Keep your eye on the ball
Keep your head out of the clouds
Knock ’em dead
Low hanging fruit
Make It work
Move the goal post
Move the needle
Never say never
Never say no
No brainer
Now or never
On my plate
Open your eyes
Pedal to the medal
Plan ahead
Plant the seed
Positive momentum
Reach out
Run It up the pole-See how it flies
Run the numbers
Sell, sell, sell
Shift paradigm
Stick with It
Take it to the bank
Think outside the box
Touch base
Touch points
Try harder
Value added
We know the ins and outs
When the rubber hits the road

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