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Should You Send Out Email or Direct Mail?

Posted on: August 20th, 2021 by Candy

The question is not which media you choose for your direct marketing – email or direct mail. The question is…How is the best way to incorporate both in your marketing plans? Both channels work well alone, but together they are extremely effective.

Direct mail is a valuable way to get your message across because holding and feeling your marketing piece helps to retain your message into the thoughts of the viewer. You can create your mail piece in an almost infinite number of sizes, colors and packaging options allowing for infinite creativity in sending your marketing message.

Email on the other hand is constantly sited as delivering high ROI. The top advantage of using emails is the lower costs. There is no printing and postage expenses. Emails are relatively easy to prepare and send out, so the time it takes to get out a message is relatively short.

When you combine both, you’ll have the advantages of both mediums working to get your message across. Here are some tips for fitting both perfectly into your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Use Email to Complement Your Direct Mail Messages
    Think of direct mail as an introductory tool. Use it to begin a new direct marketing campaign, to start a conversation and communicate with potential customers. Also, to get back in touch with customers who have not been engaging with your emails. Using direct mail reminds or places your brand in the mind of the recipient so they are more likely to open your upcoming email messages.
  • Keep Your Creative Look Consistent
    Both the email and the direct mail piece should have the same creative elements, style and voice. Overall, the look and message of both creatives should be similar.
  • Use Direct Mail to Grow Your Audience

Use direct mail to get your foot in the door with prospects you have not communicated with before. Create a lasting first impression with mail and then reinforce it with email marketing.

  • Use Direct Mail to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Social Media

Direct mail is an easy way to creatively link to your digital platforms by using tools like QR codes.

Direct Mail and Email when used together have a much greater impact on your ROI. They support each other in getting your message in front of your audience. Repetition is the basis for any learning experience and The Power of Three has been proven to be a great rule to market by.

When planning your next campaign, consider reaching your audience multiple times and use both direct mail and email in your campaign for the best results.

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