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Candy Dunhill-Hachenburg

Vice President of Sales & Customer Service

Candy has been in her family’s business since graduating with her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in 1982. Candy is an integral part of the Dunhill leadership team, along with her father and President Robert Dunhill, and her twin sister and V.P. of Operations Cindy Dunhill. She has seen direct marketing change significantly through the years and uses her experience to her customers’ advantage.

“Direct marketing has evolved so much through the years due to technology. People continue to get their information in different ways. From traditional direct mail, to opt-in email, and now to Google and Social media. While the way marketing messages are delivered may change, the key to success is still reaching your ideal customers and clients with your message and getting them to take action.”
Candy’s years of experience have given her unique expertise in key industries with direct marketing challenges, including:

  • Marketing Research Sector
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Colleges, Universities and Learning Institutions
  • Travel and Cruise Industry
  • Financial and Investment Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Medical Offices and Hospitals

Dunhill’s full-service offerings and Candy’s consultative approach with her clients helps get the most from their direct marketing campaigns. Candy thinks of herself as a friendly and invaluable extension of her clients existing marketing departments providing list expertise and guidance every step of the way. It is this commitment to individualized solutions and unsurpassed customer service that has earned her the trust of hundreds of clients – from the largest Fortune 500 companies all the way down to Mom and Pop Shops.

“I take the time to fully understand every aspect of each of my client’s businesses, their products and the type of customers they’re trying to reach so I can help them with all facets of their direct marketing. From ensuring their copywriting is compelling with a strong call-to-action, to understanding their ideal customer so I can compile a list that closely matches that target audience’s demographics, education, income and lifestyle to provide solutions that will maximize their ROI.”

Candy continues the Dunhill family’s marketing tradition in her own family. Her husband, Rich, is the Director of Marketing for a large medical hair restoration practice and their son, Geoffrey, is the Sales Manager for a cable television advertising firm.

In her spare time, Candy enjoys writing, reading and being outdoors enjoying the Florida lifestyle and the many year-round outdoor activities including tennis, golf, biking and going to the beach.

Her love for dogs is undeniable with her Golden Retriever Jessie coming to the office occasionally as the Dunhill “Chief Happiness Officer.”

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