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Robert Dunhill, President

Robert Dunhill is President and Owner of Dunhill International List Co. Inc. located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Founded in 1938, DUNHILL INTERNATIONAL LIST CO., INC. is the largest compiler of specialized mailing data in the U. S.

Bob’s intimate knowledge of the multitude of sources for mailing data allows Dunhill research department to select more accurate, more comprehensive and more productive data for their marketing clients.

As President of Dunhill International List Company, Bob Dunhill has vast experience in the direct marketing industry. During his career, he has learned most of the aspects of successful direct marketing. To name a few, he has intimate knowledge of hundreds of different data sources. “There’s lots of accurate data out there but, at the same time, there’s plenty of outdated information that should be avoided by legitimate data compilers.”

Bob has many strong points relative to the list industry. The first is the data selection process wherein he determines the most popular categories. By keeping abreast of the direct marketing industry and the variety of products and services that are offered, Bob is able to make choices for the data groups that will be required by marketers. Bob is also one of the country’s foremost authorities on data conversion techniques. He pioneered the data entry process in 1967 and the processes are being used by many data compilers today.

The marketing techniques of merchandising compiled data is Bob’s most distinctive attribute. “We have maintained intimate relationships with the list brokerage community for as long as I can remember”, says Bob. “My specialty is to locate those marketers who are prospects for specific data categories.” Dunhill disseminates data information to these marketers on a category-by-category basis. In turn, these marketers contact their data broker to place their assignments for the Dunhill promoted file.

Mr. Dunhill coined the phrase, “ListMagic” in the 1970’s. This is a process of data selection from a series of related categories, merging the data and weighing this new prospect file according to predetermined values as it relates to the marketers modeled file of customers and inquiries. “The entire concept is a marketers dream. We determine the characteristics of his customers and make the model. Then we select our compiled files, rate them as you would in any model and really assist the client in his prospecting. Modeling consists of demographic and lifestyle information plus some of our patented software that pinpoints prospects that match the client’s file. The more duplication we identify, the better the data.”

The areas of data hygiene, duplicate elimination, National Change of Address (NCOA), database management, appending demographics and psychographics are all functions of the list industry with which Mr. Dunhill is fully acquainted.
Mr. Dunhill is fully informed of email marketing plus the Can Spam Act, which is designed to reduce email volume and limit the email messages to those consumers who want to receive it.

With over six decades of experience in the mailing list industry Bob Dunhill is in constant demand for his data compiling expertise. He has lectured and given presentations on mailing data, compiling techniques and database marketing, their trends and their role in the future of direct marketing.

Dunhill is co-founder of the Florida Direct Marketing Association and is currently a Board Member of The DMA Florida Chapter, a member of the DMA List and Database Council and the Marketing Council, plus the Hospitality and Travel Council. Bob is a 50-year member of the Direct Marketing Association, and past member of six national Direct Marketing Clubs as well as a member of the FDMA Hall of Fame.

Dunhill maintains a website that offers counts and prices for thousands of different data segments. Dunhill’s website also includes trade information, anti-Spam regulations, direct marketing information such as the Do Not Call Registry, requirements for Commercial Email, suggestions to address security issues in direct mail campaigns and an explanation of the NCOA process.

He is a member of CLIA and NACTA as a major mailing file supplier to the travel industry.

Bob Dunhill attended Pennsylvania Military College and graduated from Adelphi University and received his Masters degree from New York University.

Dunhill resides in Boynton Beach, Florida and works every day. He plays golf and travels as much as possible. His children, Cindy Dunhill and Candy Dunhill Hachenburg are executives within the company.

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