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Cindy Dunhill

Vice President of Operations

Cindy Dunhill, V.P. of Operations, has an incredible background in direct marketing. She has almost 40 years of experience in the direct mail industry including mailing lists, email marketing and digital advertising.

During the past 10 years, her knowledge of social media has helped her clients greatly expand their reach and increase their ROI. She encourages clients to utilize digital marketing banner ads in conjunction with e-mail marketing and direct mail. Cindy’s’ knowledge of these direct marketing tools and sources of data are invaluable to her clients.

Cindy helps her clients choose from thousands of lists and is involved from start to finish with each campaign – providing expert guidance and unique direct marketing solutions.

“The amount of data available today is phenomenal -whoever mines the data the best will be the winner. Dunhill has access to a wealth of data on consumer and business files allowing marketers to choose from a warehouse of information such as age, gender, income, lifestyles, psychographics, etc.”

She is extremely well versed in foreign list sources for clients needing a worldwide reach. There is absolutely no direct marketing challenge too difficult for Cindy. She will get it done. Her nickname in our firm is ‘data maven’. Cindy lives and breathes direct marketing!

Cindy graduated from University of Florida in 1982 and is so proud to be an integral part of her family business, she really loves the direct marketing business and making impactful, measurable results for her clients.

Cindy is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys golf, tennis, skiing, swimming and the beach. When away from her desk Cindy will be found walking her beloved Maltese Yogi on the beach.

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