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“Dunhill has always done a fantastic job at getting over the requested information that we needed in a short amount of time. The turnaround for those have always been quick. Anything we needed they always were able to provide. Love working with them! ”
…Manuela Gomez
Harker Bos

“A very professional and friendly team, which we always contact when our European clients need USA data.”
…Arnaud Le Lann


Dunhill is the Best in the Business

“I spend a lot of time coaching and trying to educate prospects and clients on proven techniques for successful direct mail. Once they hire me, they often feel I’ll somehow perform magic with my words and make them a ton of money. But that’s not going to happen if the client doesn’t have an exceptional list. So, the first thing I do is recommend they trust Cindy and her team at Dunhill International for list acquisition. I make that recommendation because it’s best for the client, but it’s also what’s best for me – because I want a winning campaign. Without a winning list, chances are you won’t hit the big homerun you want. What impresses me the most about the Dunhill lists is the multiple list hygiene redundancies they put the data through. You won’t find a cleaner, more targeted, more mailable list than the ones offered by Dunhill International.”
…Jay Huling
“The Consulting Copywriter”
“We here at I.B.E. inc.have been using Dunhill International for over 30 years — we’ve never thought of changing companies— because “Dunhill International List Company” is fast–friendly and —efficent–and always goes above and beyond our needs. Why change ?”
…Lary Petty
I.B.E. inc.

“I just want to send you a note and let you know that this project was a huge success! … Thanks for all the hard work on this! This was a project that I thought would be impossible, but we were very pleased with the results.”
…Steve Moran
Hart Research

“We’ve had some really bad luck with other list companies and it’s made us wary, which is why we’ve come back to Dunhill. You’re a very good company.”
…Diane Wright
Assistant, Marketing / Public Information
Sierra College

“Candy Dunhill is a pleasure to work with. She is professional and always does what she needs to, to make our buying experience painless. We value her recommendations and the ultimate lists we purchased. We have been using Dunhill International for the last decade or so. ”
…Mark Anderson

“Chrissi…I thank you for all the help you’ve given me throughout the years. From when I first started and needed help for each step when ordering lists to recently when I just place an order every 6 months, and am still in need your help. I have greatly appreciated all your patience. You were truly a pleasure to work with.”
…John Hagen
Flint Group

“I have been working with Chrissi Milano for almost 20 years. From day one, their customer service has been outstanding. Through the years, numerous list companies have contacted us in an effort to get our business.
We have remained with Dunhill because of the superior customer service and support! I know I can always count on Chrissi and her team to deliver exactly what we need! ”
…Judy Walker, CFE
Vice President, Marketing
Anago Franchising, Inc.

“Your service has proven absolutely fantastic for us in Italy! … we would like to conduct a further test in Spain.”
…John Mazzola
Sr. Business Process Improvement Mgr
Research Now

“You’re a life saver… I appreciate all you do for us so much, Cindy! That’s why I enjoy and continue to work with you. You go above and beyond our expectations! ”
…Justin Canul
Director of Marketing and Communications
Medical Home Team

“ I appreciate your excellent customer service… Thank you.”
…Lynne Funk
California State University, Fullerton

“Cindy and her team are always amazing! We know that our orders will be processed quickly and accurately. We look forward to working together even more in the future. ”
…Lisa Pollack
VP Marketing and Strategy
Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc.

“Love Working with Cindy ”
…William Goldfarb
Prime Expos

“ Would highly recommend this company and Cindy Dunhill was extremely efficient, pleasant, and professional when addressing our needs.”
…Susan Childs
Blue Planet Beverage, LLC

“Dunhill’s service and more importantly lists were outstanding. I will definitely be using them for future campaigns. ”
…Aryeh Brickner

“Candy is always prompt and offers detailed direction on availability of products. Also, the team is incredibly helpful with one-off requests that help us better serve our client’s needs (such as de-duping possible sample files against current files, expediting delivery, and even waiving some processing fees to help us remain within client budgets). ”
…Kenya Villines
Issues & Answers, Inc

“Truly professional. Very responsive, caring and innovative. ”
…Ronald Greenstone
Greenstone Marketing

“I have been working with Dunhill directly for any requested sample we might need for specific markets we may have in the field and the experience with Dunhill has been overall great. They are very good at helping me with anything i ever needed. If i needed a quick turnaround with the sample they were always great at providing me with that information.”
…Manuela Gomez
Harker Bos Group

“Candy is always wonderful to work with. She lays out the data in a really easy to understand way and is clear about what she can deliver. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work with her. Everything is just so easy and fast. ”
…Amanda Rawlings
Illumination Research

“Candy has been extremely helpful. It’s been such a pleasure to work with her. ”
…Enid Pedroso
Premier Printing Solutions

“Cindy and the rest of the Dunhill team are awesome!!!”
…Lorenzo Cosio
Solo Printing

“My company has had great success with obtaining lists from Dunhill. Candy is really good to work with, always answers email quickly.”
…Carol Fox
Vernon Research Group

“Excellent customer service.”
…Jamie Serafine
Vanguard Cleaning Systems

“Thanks Candy, I will keep you posted and always look to you for mailing list. Your great to work with.”
…Steve Hovila
Amity Graphics

“Dunhill has always been responsive to our queries about lists so it was very exciting when we had the opportunity to purchase a list. We were certainly not disappointed in the level of service in terms of responsiveness that we received. We will certainly continue to use Dunhill’s services.”
…Delores Johnson
Clarocision Research & Marketing

“Have only been working with Dunhill for a few months, but have been very happy with the orders placed so far. Thank you”
…Kyle Schwietz
Diedrich RPM

“The list we ordered contained lots of great contacts. Very few listings were bad or out dated and we were pleased they sent us more than ordered to make up for a calculated number of a listings going out of date. All in all this was a very easy experience and we have already begun to see the effect it has had on our advertising.”
…Shane Perkins

“Cindy is awsome!”
…John Kimball
Owner and CEO

“Cindy, you are awesome as always! Thanks for always being here for us when we need you and so helpful! Your level of communication is A++!”
…Justin Canul, BS, MFA, MBA
Director of Marketing
Medical Home Team

“ Thanks for your help with this list request. I know it is a small order, yet you treat me fantastic. It is sincerely appreciated.”
…Bob Thiessen

“Cindy.. You are Greatness ☺”
…John Mazzola
Sr. Business Process Improvement Mgr
Research Now

“ Pleasure working with you and your team. We appreciate your open input and honest conversation. Hope to do more work with you in the future.”
…Bob Brock
Educational Marketing Group, Inc.

“Dunhill’s amazing lists along with our tried and proven direct response marketing systems have taken my clients from struggling with day-to-day operating funds to bringing in more than enough business/sales that they can relax a bit and focus on improving their customer’s dining experience. Thank you Dunhill!”
…Tracy Congdon
The Marketing Soldier

“We have a bell at the office here that rings every time someone on our Inside Sales team gets an appointment. Last week we set a record number of rings because of our campaign based on Dunhill’s data. Loving it.
I don’t have any new orders just yet, but you’re my new go-to partner.”
…Sean Donnelly
Marketing Manager
The Marlin Company

“…I was impressed with the attention [my order] received at your company especially when there was an issue with delivery.”
…Mark Skup
North Shore Direct, Inc./O’Keefe Henry Direct, Inc.

“…everything you provided was great as no one else had the ability to provide such specific lists.”
…Rob Phelps
Issues and Answers Network, Inc

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Candy and Sheila. They are efficient, professional, and very knowledgeable.”
…Jessica Nater-Rickard
Rickard Squared

“I appreciate your help with procuring sample. I do not believe there is a better sample provider out available. I look forward to working with you in the future.
I appreciate the continuous stride to meet budget requirements and same day purchases. ”
…Rashad Khan
Business Development Consultant
Validity Research

“Just wanted to say thank you for getting us over the finish line with the mailing. To date I’ve gotten 9 phone calls as a result of the letter and I hope they keep coming. ”
…Liz Bacon
Office Leader
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – New England Properties

“I worked with Candy and she was great. Her professionalism and patience were unmatched. She made sure that the lists we purchased were the RIGHT lists for our needs and wants. ”
…Mike Bell
Senior Associate

“Thanks for your help with this order and the countless orders over the years: since the late 1980’s? I really appreciate your professional approach and great service.”
…Pat Michels
Banker’s Life & Casualty

“I have been most pleased with the mailings Dunhill has done for me. They are very conscientious about getting the mailing materials prepared, and they send them to me for approval. And, by my outsourcing the printing and mailing to Dunhill, I save my office a great deal of time. ”
…Rod Colvin
Addicus Books

“Candy was a delight to work with and was great about following up with me! ”
…Suzy Goldman
Media Buyer
Media Partners

“Always efficient, easy to work with and lightning fast Candy Dunhill and her team are superheros when it comes to mailing lists. My company has been working with them for many years and we have never been disappointed. I would recommend Dunhill International List Co., Inc. without hesitation. ”
…Anne DiFrancesco
Creative Director
A & M Studios, Inc.

“I really enjoyed working with Cindy. My requests and her responses were fast and efficient. I will continue to use Dunhill International and refer to others as well. Thank You.”
…Michelle Jarmaillo
Account Manager

“Candy Dunhill got me my counts within a couple of hours but the list order getting here takes longer then I would like. Lenny Giacalone with the list layout was very helpful. ”
…Pat Ausse
A & A Mailing

“I found Dunhill very easy to work with, especially Candy. She was able to help us with the exact data that we needed for our direct mail campaign. She had great follow-up abilities and we received everything we needed in a very timely fashion. We will be working with them again for future direct mail campaigns.”
…Jack Stull
Senior Retail Sales Manager

“Greg was really the determining factor on why we chose Dunhill. There are obviously “cheaper” companies we could have used but you get what you pay for. After a few always pleasant and genuine conversations, I could tell Greg was a stand up guy and I knew if we had any mishaps (which there have been absolutely ZERO), Greg would have been on top of it. Our experience with Dunhill has been seamless, Greg has earned you a repeat Happy customer. The cards were great quality and being that I live in this small community, I know we have been reaching our target audience with the mailing list you provided. Thank you GREG & thank you DUNHILL! ”
…Tiffany Patterson
Dental Assistant
Dalia E. Perez-Salinas Dental Office

“…let me say that your quick response, follow-through, and level of caring for your customers are second to none. I very much appreciate this and like to do business with companies like yours… ”
Rover Shop

“Just sent out the first 1000 wave of our [post]cards 3 days ago.. Customer came in this morning with the card and his bill paid for the whole list and mail out.. Just in case I haven’t said this before… You’re the BEST…”
…David Moldavsky
Managing Partner
Connect Quest, LLC

“For over 20 years I’ve purchased mailing lists from your firm and have nothing but outstanding service. Thank you!!! ”
…P. Michels
Patricia Michels, CLU/ChFC

“Had a great experience. Quick, simple and easy. ”
…Tanveer Janjua
Janjua Facial Surgery

“My choice for using Dunhill began with prompt answers to my questions on a mailing lists. Candy was very helpful on any questions I have on the list. I will use Dunhill again. ”
…Pat Ausse
A & A Mailing

“Candy was great to work with! I had a lot of requests that were very specific, and she was able to work around all of them and produce a great product for me. Thanks guys. ”
…James Lehmann

“Dunhill was recommended to us by one of our clients and now has become a wonderful marketing partner. The lists that we receive are accurate and giving our clients results. In addition, Cindy at Dunhill makes suggestions on other targets that we might include. Customer Service is prompt and efficient. It’s joy to work with Dunhill ”
…Alyssa Greenspan
Cotton & Company

“I am a small user of your services. It is hard to believe you are so patient with a small customer like me. Thank’s ”
…Robert Russell

“Chrissi always goes above and beyond. She provides great service, quick turnaround and great list advice! ”
…Andrea Gillmore
RJ Michaels, Inc.

“You guys are awesome and I will refer you anybody needing a list!! ”
…Stephen Scott
Ashwood Commercial

“I would refer Dunhill. Excellent Service! ”
…Paula Duernberger
1-800 We Answer

“Responsiveness to questions were outstanding. Recommendations and feedback to help our organization was unsolicited and information was shared freely without prompting. Everyone worked as a team to make our direct mail campaign a success. ”
…Clora Adkins
McMullen Opportunity Center

“I appreciate your support and I like doing business with you and your staff. Everyone was very helpful to someone like myself who is just getting up to speed with computers. ”
…Tom Sheedy
Thomas Investment Partner Group / Buy Boston Properties

“Our last experience with Dunhill was quite good, so I think we might be interested in trying something again. ”
…Robert Dawes
Redlands Conservancy

“Candy, Mary and Lenny made my experience really amazing. Thank you guys! I will be referring to you all again and the rest of the Dunhill Staff!”
…Adam Goodson
Volt Boats

“…I will be sure to recommend you without hesitation. ”
…Kerstin Recker

“I cannot thank you again for ALL your wonderful help, guidance and patience throughout getting me my list. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone and everyone I know, and I look forward to working with you again. ”
…Craig Otto
Mediamakers USA

“We held the related focus groups last night and I must say the lists were very accurate…We’ll be back! Thanks again!”
…Terry Pranses
Pranses Research

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