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Welcome to Dunhill's Data Services

Dunhill International is a leading full service direct marketing firm specializing in data compiling, data brokerage, telemarketing leads, file hygiene, data appending, printing and other direct mail services.

When it comes to data, either mailing or telemarketing files, Dunhill International List Co. has the knowledge and resources you need to help you target the people and companies most likely to buy your products or services. Our mission is to ensure that your direct marketing experience is as convenient and as profitable as possible.

Please read through Dunhill's Data Services from beginning to end - and refer to it should general questions arise. For specific questions or for any other assistance, please call our toll-free number 1-800-DUNHILL (386-4455).

Direct Marketing Data

Through Dunhill you have access to compiled data derived from a variety of sources, response files obtained from marketers, questionnaires, surveys and more, plus custom files designed by your Account Executive to match precisely your target market. Dunhill has the information you need to reach your target market via direct marketing.

Data Management

Manage and warehouse client files. As a data owner, you have the opportunity to receive income each month paid to you by the direct marketers (non-competitive) who realize that your file of buyers or inquiries will benefit their own marketing program. As your data manager, we will serve as exclusive representatives to the data renting arena for your data.

Data Hygiene

Dunhill’s clients have access to the most extensive menu of contact data cleaning.

With increasing mail costs it is imperative to have a clean file in order to stop wasting money on inefficient mailings. Your customer or prospect data will be cleaned and updated overnight by comparing it to the postal National Change of Address file for both US and Canadian data. Data appending and address correction services are also available.


Every file with consumer telephones is matched against the FTC 'Do Not Call List' and is upgraded quarterly for continued adherence to this legislation. Dunhill examines all telemarketing scripts to assure legality of messaging. A Subscription Account Number (SAN) and a Organization ID is required before consumer telephone numbers will be released. Contact us for more details or check out the FTC web site for more information.

Text Messaging

Dunhill now offers mobile text message marketing allowing businesses to reach consumers via text messages on their cell phones or mobile devices. This new medium sends a brief message to consumers' cell phones where they can be reached almost any time! This new service introduces a new form of customer acquisition and will bring your multichannel marketing strategy to the next level.

We currently have over 40 million opt-in mobile phone numbers available. Demographic selections can also be used to target your file such as Ethnicity, Gender, Marital Status, Political Party and Lifestyle Interests. Currently, text messaging campaigns are averaging an incredible 80% open rate which virtually ensures that your message will be read by the recipients. Follow the link below to see our text messaging datacard which contains more information on selections available and pricing.

Data Appending

We will append land line or cell phone numbers to your postal house or rented files for follow up campaigns. In addition, appending of ethnicity and other lifestyle selections is available. Low prices offer intriguing possibilities for serious Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer marketers.

Dunhill's consumer life stage segmentation service is a household-level consumer segmentation and visualization system that can give you a clearer picture of who your customers are.  Household-level segmentation offers you a close-up family portrait of your best prospects, not a broad view of an entire population. It allows you to better know – and anticipate – your customer's demographics and buying behaviors, conduct market analysis, plan customer acquisition strategies, and create cross sell/ up-sell and retention campaigns that are truly targeted, personalized and powerful. This goes well beyond the standard age and income appending.

Printing & Mail Fulfillment Services

Dunhill offers full service printing and mail fulfillment including graphic art creative services. Includes postcards, letters, self mailers, brochures, snap packs, invitations, catalogs, presentation folders, signs, etc. Take the worry and the headache out of dealing with multiple printing, design and mailing companies and let Dunhill handle the entire campaign.

Dunhill's Customer Modeling

Remove the guesswork from choosing which selections are best to target prospective leads and replace it with a more scientific approach achieved by the use of Dunhill's customer modeling technology.

You'll find much more than you bargained for when you visit our web site. Not only will you be able to view our datacards that highlight our most popular files, and information about our other services. You will also find information and links to the most current direct marketing news including:

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