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The Importance of Testing Direct Mail

It still amazes me, after nearly 60 years in direct marketing, how few companies understand and actually do enough direct mail testing. The only logical explanation is that test is a four-letter word. And people don’t like to more


Direct Mail Survey

Earlier this year the DMA conducted a survey of marketing professionals and released the findings in “Response Rate Report: Performance and Cost Metrics Across Direct Media”. 57% of marketers surveyed said they use direct mail – matching the more


Copy to Avoid in Marketing Communications

By Robert Dunhill, President When writing copy for marketing programs there are many words and phrases used so often that they have become meaningless. Customers, prospects and your sales force have heard them so many times that they more


How to Identify Your Prospects

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s darn hard. It takes lots of time and thought and the results can be misleading and far from what you would have envisioned. Here are some general hints to help non-professional marketers more


Takeaways from the ANA | DMA Response Rate Report, 2018

Direct Mail is an important element of your Advertising Mix. Check out these statistics from the ANA|DMA 2018 Response Rate Report. Direct mail response rate to house files is 9% This is nearly double the previous direct mail more